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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Winning Slogan / Tiebreaker - Others

I should win a Mini of the colour of my choice because…
... Now that my ‘four walls’ are looking divine, would love ‘matching motor’ in colours sublime!
... It’s my number ‘one’ compulsion, to have to Mini propulsion, ‘matt’erialise in Crown emulsion.
... ‘Minimum’ effort, maximum ease, colour by Crown makes painting a breeze!
... My life before Crown couldn’t be duller, only Crown can ad ‘mini’ster such meaningful colour.

Bold 2 in1 makes may world magical because... (12 words max)
... dazzling performance, enchanting smell, you're conditioned forever under its spell

Cathedral City on toast, I see it, I want it because ... (20 words max)
... thrilling, grilling just my scene, mature yet mellow sizzling dream, nation's favourite British boast, cathedral City gets my toast

I’d like Danilo to cook at my house because
... Exclusive Chef with great finesse, provides panache without the stress

Smart and Double Two are a perfect combination because
... Unbeatable quality, eye-catching style, they double the comfort mile after mile

I deserve a Virgin experience because...
... Inspirational days, fabulous themes, Virgin Experience unlocks my dreams
... I work hard and I'm Virgin on exhaustion
... Work hypnotic, home chaotic, bali leads to dream exotic

I love Tropical surf because… (8 words maximum)
… it has a fab fun fruity fresh fragrance!
… it brings the tropical wild from outside in!
… of its fantastic, fantastic, freshfastic tropical fragrance!

I would like to win continental furniture and accessories with Muller because...
... in my garden of delights, I'll have many Amore nights
... continental feel, every season, my very own Garden of Eden
... I'd liek to transform mmy garden into 'A more' beautiful place
... Muller Amore patio seating, paves the way to alfresco eating
... Alfesco elegance, romanyic guitars, dine with Amore under the stars

I would love someone to clean my house because ...
... a domestic goddess in distress, house and finances are in a mess!

... Desperately need a cleaner and loan to improve and tidy home

My drea for a perfect day is... (15 words max)
... spring cleaning an elephant - from its tusks to its tail
... a day at Paradise Park, feeding animals, cleaning out cages with Domestos and Cif!
... have sole use of a boutique for a day, try everything ona nd keep some being extras on awesome film set. All our household dramas, we'd clean forget!
... no shoes fit my slim wee feet. Please make to measure trotter treat!
...paid photoshoot for magazine cover promoting Domestos with no help from Big Brother!

I deserve a bedroom makeover because
... Awful year, need bedtime treats with pillow fights on fragrant sheets
... Conditioned to a luxurious sleep sensation, my dream room needs total transformation
... Dreaming of relaxing in ultimate sensation, absorbed in pleasure and fresh inspiration
... Fresh, soft, style, leaves me thrilled, my senses soothed, my dreams fulfilled
... Had nocturnal nightmares with decorating dramas seeking stylish sensation in pyjamas
... Laundry fresh, house is gleaming, designer bedroom, is this sleeping beauty dreaming

A Barbie isn’t a Barbie without Fosters because … (12 words maximum)
… the barbie’s cooled, Ashes gone, break open the Fosters- Party on!
… only Fosters barbies are the perfect cues for get-togethers and rendez-vous.
…backyard or village green, Fosters puts the ‘ah’ into a Barbie.

My dog deserves a Pedigree Dog Sofabed because… ( 15 max)
… Pedigree dinner, dish licked clean, then jump on a sofabed for a relaxing dream!
… she walks to heel, she sits, she stays, she’s Pedigree perfect in every way!
… with Pedigreee in his dish for dinner, give him a sofabed, make him a winner!
… we agree with Pedigree,after he’s fed it’s luxury sleeping on a sofabed.
… she’s loyal, faithful and such good fun, just like Pedigree my number one.
… for obeying Sit! Down! Fetch! and Heel! This luxury bed would reward his zeal.
… she’s a great old girl, my favourite chum, what better place to park her bum!
… unconditional, loyalty through our laughter and tears, he deserves creature comforts in his senior years.
… our boxer ‘Edd’ – your food is fed, carves nothing more than a Pedigree bed!
… this loyal friend sts by my feet and really makes my life Complete.
… Charlie’s 15 and his bed is lumpy, at his age he deserves to be comfy.
… a healthy walk, a bowl of Complete, the perfect way to rest his feet.
… pampered pets should ‘paws’ for a rest on a Pedigree sofabed, they’re simply the best.
… it’s the ‘pawfect’ loyalty bonus for all the doggie love he’s shown us.
… she’s completely devoted, never a moan, tail wagging reward? A canine throne.
… he snores, fidgets, constantly scratches his head, my four-legged friend needs his own sofabed!
… she woofs those crunchy, chewy chunks of Pedigree Complete, and dreams of a sofabed rtreat.
… pedigree Complete gives her first-class dining; now she seeks an upgrade on reclining.

I love Iams for my pet because
... It helps insure my precious pet is the happiest and healthiest yet
... Iams purrfection, tail to chin, more in the kitty, not in the bin
... For kittens, seniors and in between, Iams have purrfected a balanced cuisine
... He shows love and affection with Iams selection guaranteeing purraffection
... It’s carefully balanced, expertly blended, keeps him healthy as nature intended
... Vintage, veterans and young pup, waggily happy just lapping it up
... Nutritious ready to eat, the complete canine meal that has others beat

I think Fairy Power Spray is great for BBQs because…
... After burgers burn and chicken chars, Fairy’s magic shines those bars
... For grime busting and Barbie mess, Fairy power spells success
... ‘Gastronomic’ results in every way – burnt remains magically melt away
... Fairy Power lights my fire, end of scrubbing with flaming steel wire
... Its magical way with cleaning chores gives BBQ eating top mark scores
... Scrumptious meals, blackened dirt, it’s Fairy clean with one quick squirt
... After eating the grub, you just spray and not rub
... It’s pure flame-ing power is just brill on the grill
... My man is a fan of a very clean grill pan
... Sparkling grill and tongs, Fairy rights my husband’s wrongs

Dirt is good because… (8 words maximum)
… jeans , T- Shirt, Skirt, Sweater – Dirt Good, Persil Better!
… love life, love dirt, love Persil!
… In? Out? Dirt is what it’s all about!
…me and my mate think dirt is great

Flora Pro.Activ products make it easier for me to lower my cholesterol because… (12 words maximum)
… For once I listed to my wife, and Flora Pro.Activ changed my life!
… At work, rest or play, there’s a pro.activ to suit my day
... Like Lulu, I can still rock and roll, knowing my heart is under control

Hovis is healthier than ever because…(no more than 15 words)
… Wholewheat up, salt levels down- healthiest Hovis, the ‘toast’ of the town!
… With his perfect ‘roll’ model packed with energy sublime, ain’t no mountain I can’t climb.
… One part vigour, one part health, it’s a ‘whole meal’ in itself.
… ’tis no good cycling in mountainous terrain without your Hovis wholewheat country grain.
… from yeast to west, Hovis doughs what’s best.
… With ‘Best of Both’ sarnies to eat, my saddle’s trimmer on the bicycle seat!
… It’s fesh and tasty, so there’s no wasty-y!
… All good things are inside the pack, a lifestyle choice that keeps me coming back.
… New and tasty with perfect nutrition, contemporary bread in the Hovis tradition
… It’s top of the range and riding high, a brilliant tasty, Hovis best buy.

I would drive miles for Mayfair because…
... There's nothing mini about a Mayfair
When quality and price are the main attraction, Mayfair gives most satisfaction

My idea of adventure is…
... Taking the longest way home
... Daring to tread where lesser men would be filled with dread
... Trail blazing over Alaskan snow, with my husky team at full flow

Joining the RAC at the Post Office was more convenient for me because…
... For minimum fuss and maximum ease, handy locations make enrolment a breeze

A new Garador garage door is a perfect addition to my home because…
... Craftman.ship, quality, style and precision, make Garardor garage doors the ideal decision

You can't beat a champion because…
... A superior performance will always impress, making a Champion a roaring success

... A racing cert, always on track, sparkling performance, winning knack!
... Champion provide what others lack - a spark of genius in every pack
... First for choice, driven to last, performance leaders unsurpassed
... Motorvated expert or beginner, a Champion is always the 'overall' winner
... There's only one winner and Champions thrive, proven track record - ultimate drive
... When buying there's no Indy-cision, Champions take pole position

I want to win a Millionaire's Dream Prize because.......
... The best things in life are three - Sainsbury's, Walkers and Audi TT

I am smart because...
... I know Duck power guarantees smart results with experts ease
... Focus delights me, a Smart car excites me, hope Henkel invites me!
... Little Star" twinkle in my room, and take away my gloom, my tears are wiped

... listening to your tune, and love fills my heart as "I See the Moon
... Aaron's piercing eyes mystifies me, His energy pumping dance moves electrifies me, The King of Hearts has stole my heart

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